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About Us

So why Shaggydog? Well first of all we don't tell tall tales! The original Shaggydog came from Battersea Dogs Home in 1992 and has been a good friend ever since. We like to think we can offer you the same trust and devotion as he has to us for many years.

Shaggy Dog Ltd was set up to offer a complete web service. We believe that people who have decided to make their presence known on the web should be able to manage everything in one place. From web hosting, web site design and domain name management. That's why we have everything together.

Our pricing and packages are among the most competative in the market and we work to three guiding principles; Customer Service, Value and Simplicity.

Customer Service - We give you as much control over your web space as possible. If things do go wrong we provide support through our Knowledge Base system or you can contact us for specific support problems. We have a whole team of people who specialise in web hosting services and they are waiting to support you whenever you need it.

Value - Unlike most other hosting companies who will sell you a basic plan and then charge you for 'extras' we consider are essential, we include them for free. For example If you are considering a hosting plan that charges for Microsoft Front Page Extensions, additional ftp access and Sub domains, think again! We include them all for free. We even offer a free dial up internet service to get you connected to the web.

Simplicity - We know that many people love the idea of having a web site but don't have the technical know how to build one. We offer simple on line web site builders on every plan, which although simple to use can produce some stunning looking web sites with great functionality. Or we can do the hard work and custom design a site for you if you want that extra professional touch or something a bit special. Our order and sign up process is as straight forward as buying a CD on line, click on what you want and order! Command Post Control Panel is simplicity itself, log in and manage your web site and E-mail . Everthing is explained for you as you go. We even give you the chance to pick your own password once your account is up and running so even that is simple and esay to remember.

We are based in Cambridgeshire and proud to be part of the World Wide Web community and look forward to you joining us in it.


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