Chingford Meridian Lodge wanted a website to inform people about their Lodge and it's mambers.

Shaggydog Web Design had a free hand to design the site and decided to go for a clean look, focussing on content and simplicity. The other key element was to use the Lodge's badge colours as the basis for the website colours. This reflects the attention to detail that can make a website feel personal to the owner from the moment it goes live.

Shaggydog Web also provided advice on selecting the domain name. Through this advice, a search of Google for Chingford Meridian Lodge now consistantly returns a top two listing, both in the UK and worldwide. Shaggydog Web also provides the hosting.

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Duxford Aware is a community website informing local residents of crime related matters and crime prevention advice.

Shaggydog Web used WordPress, a blogging application to build a fully interactive website. The site administrators can update and add content from any internet connected computer, send out newsletters via email and have people join as members in order to be able comment on issues. It also has RSS feeds available to keep people right up to date with emerging issues.

Shaggydog Web also hosts the site and provides the application software as part of the hosting package.


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John Jameson Ltd are a commercial and residential property letting and maintenance company. They have a portfolio of properties they wanted to display on the web and allow potential new clients to contact them.

This was achieved through a clean design, some Flash elements to draw attention to a particular group of properties and pre-set email links that include which property the enquiry is about.

John Jameson transfered their whole online operation across to Shaggydog Web, including hosting and email accounts.

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Link to Direct is an interactive website directory. Each time a category is selected a new page is generated to match that selection.

The task for Shaggydog Web was to make the site fully dynamic so the client can update new links and web categories. This is done via a secure admin panel accessable via any internet connected computer.

Link to Direct also have a Dynamic Hosting Plan with Shaggydog Web which allows all the interactive features they require.

Try the site, it's easier than surfing!

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The Warrener Online Video Store is a full eCommerce site selling hunting videos. Our client, Black Wolf Supplies already had a successfull online shop but wanted a speciality store to sell just these products.

The challenge for Shaggydog Web was to mirror the style of the existing Black Wolf Supplies site while building in all the functionality of a seperate fully working online shop.

We think we succeded and so do Black Wolf Supplies!

The Warrener also chose Shaggydog Web for their hosting, web space and databse features required to run their shop.

The Warrener Online Video Store
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