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Fast and efficent customer support.

You're in Control
Shaggydog Web have one of the most integrated web hosting and domain name platforms in the world, we don't operate separate systems or brands for our domain name or web hosting business and this means that all our systems are tightly integrated. Wherever we can, we have handed control of all the services we offer over to you, after all who else is more qualified to operate your website? This means that you can make most of the changes you need or add new services in real time in our simple to use Command Post Control Panel .

Detailed Online Help
Our detailed online knowledge base contains answers to the most frequently asked questions, we update the database on a regular basis to ensure you get the most up to date information.

If Something Goes Wrong
Sometimes things do go wrong and we want to work with you to resolve any issues you have as quickly as we can. You can contact support to raise an issue through our ticketing system in Command Post.

We aim to answer support questions within 4 hours, often we reply faster than that.

One of our philosophies at Shaggydog Web is not to employ what we call "Support Droids", people who don't have any real technical experience and simply read from crib sheets. All our support engineers are highly trained and care about your problem, our aim is to resolve your problems first time around.